Fountain Of Life

Serve others as Christ loved the world

Food For Life

For over 5 years we have been feeding children in Agdao, Philippines. When we first arrived in the region, we discovered children who lacked a source of proper nutrition. They would dig in landfills for enough food to fill their bellies and turn to crime at an early age to survive. These were children who were hungry for basic sustenance, but more importantly for the life giving change of the word of God.

Fountain of Life, working closely with local residents and missionaries, has created a place where these children can receive a hot, nutritious meal every day. Today, these children are laughing, playing, singing and able to apply themselves to education. The simple act of providing a meal has invigorated the lives and spirit of this small community. Food For Life in fulfilling lives through Christ's love.

Become a part of Food For Life's mission by donating now. Every dollar of your donation goes to buying and preparing food. For about $25 per month, you can save the life of a child.